A secure public Jabber/XMPP server federated on hyperboria and the internet.

Open federation will federate with any hyperboria or internet jabber server. You can chat with anyone!


Use Jitsi to have secure end-to-end encrypted voice and video chat.

Secure communication

Enable Off-The-Record in your chat client to have fully encrypted chats. over the internet is also SSL secured.

Multi-user chat

Create a chatroom that anyone on hyperboria or the internet can join.

Connection information

  • Internet
  • Tor yz6yiv2hxyagvwy6.onion
  • Hyperboria [fc87:5019:8605:51f6:9ed:14d1:19b8:5c6]
  • Require SSL/TLS
  • If connecting over Tor or Hyperboria you will need to disable "strict certificate checks" since the domain you are connecting to does not match the TLS certificate for You do not lose any security by doing this since Tor and Hyperboria both use keys for addressing.